Twitter's earnings were 80% lower than anticipated.

The FIFA World Cup has consistently been advantageous for social media behemoth Twitter.

This time, the competition had begun on November 20th, and according to business estimations, that week

The company had previously forecast that it would make 11, 397 crore rupees in the final three months of the year, which is fewer than the 13, 027 crore rupees it made in the corresponding period last year.

Twitter's anticipated earnings were first reduced to 10, 584 crore rupees due to its inability to meet the weekly advertising targets.

 After Elon Musk purchased the business at the end of October, its problems are becoming worse.

Advertisers reduced their spending because of their concerns about Musk's policies, and 90% of the social media company's revenue comes from adverts.

Owner Musk reinstated accounts that had been suspended and disregarded a fake information policy.

Researchers have discovered that there has been an uptick in hate speech on Twitter during the past several weeks.

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