The Fifa World Cup semifinal between Morocco and France carries the burden of colonial history.

Today's Fifa World Cup semifinal between Morocco and France is scheduled.

A tumultuous history between the two countries will serve as the backdrop for the football game as Morocco takes on France in the semifinal of the Fifa World Cup in Qatar.

The majority of present-day Morocco was a French colony from 1912 to 1956.

Even though Morocco is an independent country today, French colonialism is still felt in a number of aspects of Moroccan politics and society.

The relationship between the two countries is still warm yet contentious.

The Indian Express examines the historical setting of tonight's football game and how Morocco's incredible run in the competition is already a metaphorical victory over neocolonialism.

Morocco is a mountainous nation beyond the westernmost tip of the Sahara desert, on the northernmost tip of Africa.

The Moroccan football squad is known as the "Atlas Lions" because of the Atlas Mountains, which stretch over its entire length.

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