Petrol, Diesel Price today, December 7 - check out in detail

Petrol costs Rs. 97.49 per litre in Faridabad, while diesel costs Rs. 90.35 per litre.

Petrol costs Rs. 102.63 per litre in Chennai, while diesel costs Rs. 94.24 per litre.

Petrol costs Rs. 96.79 per litre in Noida, while diesel costs Rs. 90.08 per litre.

Petrol costs Rs 96.20 per litre in Chandigarh, and diesel costs Rs 84.26.

Petrol costs Rs. 108.65 per litre in Bhopal, while diesel costs Rs. 93.90.

In Kolkata, gasoline costs Rs. 106.03 a litre and diesel costs Rs. 94.10.

Petrol costs Rs. 106.31 per litre in Mumbai, while diesel costs Rs. 94.27 per litre.

Petrol costs Rs 97.18 per litre in Gurugram, while diesel costs Rs 90.05 per litre.

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