Gaming-focused Dimensity 8200 5G processor from MediaTek is released.

Beginning in December 2022, smartphones with MediaTek Dimensity 8200 processors will be sold.

On Thursday, Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek unveiled the Dimensity 8200 5G, a system-on-chip designed specifically for gaming.

The Mali-G610 GPU is combined with the CPU to provide graphics.

Due to its focus on gaming, it includes MediaTek's HyperEngine 6.0 gaming technology, which provides a stable connection, reduced FPS jitter, and smooth gameplay.

Additionally, there is the Intelligent Display Sync 2.0 technology from MediaTek.

Imagiq 785 image signal processor for imaging can accommodate up to three cameras at once with 320MP photographs and 14-bit HDR video.

The processor supports recording cinematic video with a bokeh effect using two cameras.

The processor is said to be able to retain fine details in low-light situations thanks to AI-NR photo capture technology.

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