Royal Enfield Himalayan 450 to be launched soon?

Royal Enfield has some big plans with a flurry of diverse products over the next few years. One of the most anticipated products is the new liquid-cooled Royal Enfield Himalayan 450, but the platform will underpin four more bikes as well. 

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Royal Enfield Himalayan 450: details

Royal Enfield is working on an all-new liquid-cooled engine, widely rumoured to displace 450cc, which will underpin the upcoming Himalayan 450. Now the big news is that according to an official document from Royal Enfield, this engine will power five new models. Spy pictures of the Himalayan 450 have been doing the rounds for a while now and the test mules have started to resemble the production-spec bike rather than the rough, early prototypes. 

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It was widely rumored that there would be an even more off-road biased version of the Himalayan 450, and this latest document confirms the same. We see the more serious-looking motorcycle listed as a variant of the Himalayan, but with a flat, single-piece rally-style seat. Ground clearance and suspension travel also appear visually higher than the standard Himalayan, and overall, the silhouette wouldn’t look out of place for a focused Dakar machine. Of course, these are just rough sketches at the moment and only time will tell what the production-spec bike will look like. 

Royal Enfield 450cc Scrambler:

Like RE’s other existing engine platforms, this 450cc platform will have ‘lead’ models, which will later spawn derivatives, and these in turn will spawn variants further down the line. Along with the Himalayan 450, we see another flagship model that looks like a naked street roadster. The bike will be more approachable and road-oriented than the Himalayan 450, with a lower seat height and alloy wheels unlike the latter’s wire-spoke units. The wheels appear to be the same size at both ends and will likely be 17-inches, which opens up more possibilities in terms of tyres.

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Beyond this roadster, we see that there will be two more motorcycles – a faired cafe racer and a scrambler. The design sketch of the cafe racer shows many similarities to the 450cc roadster, especially in terms of underpinnings. But in true cafe racer fashion, it has a bikini fairing on the front and lower handlebars (likely clip-on). 

However, the Scrambler version has a more distinctive appearance than the Roadster with more variations. Notable elements include the high-mounted scrambler style underseat exhaust system, front beak, tall handlebar and wire-spoke wheels. A Scrambler-typical flat bench-style seat is also visible, and the tail-end looks quite minimal, with a small tail-lamp and a short fender.

In short, it looks like there are going to be five different models based on the liquid-cooled 450 platform, and it is quite likely that the Himalayan 450 will be the first of these to be launched. These are very long term plans, so it’s hard to say when the first of these will be launched. But as we mentioned earlier, the Himalayan is shaping up to be a finished motorcycle, and you can expect to see an official unveiling in the second half of next year. Stay tuned for more details. 

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