Pandya Store 1st December 2022 Written Update

Pandya Store 1st December 2022 Written Update: The Episode starts with Shweta saying that I did nothing. Gautam, Dev and Krish stay outside and talk about the next step. Krish asks Gautam to become a police inspector. Gautam asks him to become an inspector. Rishita thinks how Dhara managed this alone, I don’t understand. Dev and Krish come there and get shocked. Krish asks who did this. Rishita asks Shweta.

They all scold Shweta. She says I don’t know anything. Dev says you have a knife in your hand, you are a murderer. Shweta dropped the knife. She says I did not kill anyone. Rishita asks Dev to call the police. She says don’t know what will happen when Gautam sees all this. Shweta asks how do I know that Dhara will come here. Rishita thinks I might get trapped. Raavi says once Shweta is exposed, the blame on me will be removed, I can go back home. She thinks about Shiva and gets sad. Rishita asks Dev to call the police. Shweta says I did not kill Dhara, believe me, you all are acting. Rishita says right, revive Dhara and show us. Shweta asks Dhara to open her eyes. She holds the stream. The head of the stream falls down. Everyone gets worried.

Krish says she is acting very real. Dev says I am scared for her. Shweta says that if she really dies then her heart will not beat. Krish says no use, we will be caught now. Rishita calls the police station. She asks the police to come to Pandya’s house soon. Shweta runs and takes her phone. Krish asks Dhara if she is hurt, sorry she has to bear so much. Shweta says she is lying, I did nothing. Krish asks Dhara to take a breath, Shweta is away, did anything happen to you.

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Shweta says you called someone else as police. Rishita thinks if she knows that I have called Gautam, then our plan will fail. Gautam disguises himself as Inspector Abhimanyu Singh. Krish says don’t scare us, say something. Rishita asks why are you scared when you did not kill Dhara, let the police come. Gautam comes there. He plays the police siren on a bluetooth speaker. Shweta gets shocked.

Gautam welcomes him. They all praise Gautam’s acting. He says I got a call from here. He looks at the stream. Shweta says I did not kill her. Gautam asks who saw the dead body first. Rishita says I have seen her here covered in blood, and Shweta was near her, standing with a knife in her hand, she killed Dhara. Dev and Krish cry and act. Krish says Gautam really looks like a policeman. Gautam picked up the knife. He says I will send this knife to forensics and find out who killed her. Shweta says I didn’t kill her, please believe, I didn’t do anything. He scolds her.

He says you mean this lady stabbed herself and hands over the knife to you. Shweta says they are trying to trap me, believe me, I didn’t kill her. Krish asks why will we trap you, we gave you a place in this house, he had a reason to kill Dhara, Dhara had Chiku’s money, so he killed Dhara. Rishita says she is right. Gautam says I see such cases every week, now get ready to go to jail. Shweta worried.

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