oke oka jeevitham box office collection

The latest Telugu version, Oka Oka Jeevitham, has benefited from positive word of mouth since its release on the big screen. Sharwanand’s film will soon become an absolute hit in the Telugu state.

Bilingual (Telugu/Tamil) his sci-fi movie is about three friends girlfriend Adhi/Kutlu, Sreenu/Pandi and Chaitu/Kadhi. Directed and written by Shree Karthick and supported by Dream Warrior Pictures.

will be his 13th clean hit

Box office results have been impressive, grossing his Rs 10.50 Cr worldwide so far. To emerge as the 13th clean Telugu film of the year, it only needs to reclaim its stake of Rs 2.49 crore.

If Brahmastra hadn’t come out, the movie would have been broken over the weekend alone. Retail pundits estimated that the film’s break-even point would be easy and covered in three days or less, but Ranbir’s film, which swept the box office, stymied that run a bit. Oka Oka Jibitum breaks even in the first week.

After his fourth clean hit in two months

Sita Ramam, Bimbisara and Karthikeya 2, Sharwanand’s Oke Oka Jeevitham becomes his fourth complete Telugu film at the box office in two months. increase. The Telugu dubbed versions of Vikrant Rona and Brahmastra were also considered hit films in the two states.

Oke Oka Jeevitham sold Theatrical Rights at Rs 7.5 Cr with break-even target set at Rs 8 Cr.
Sharwanand’s film has so far earned Cr shares of Rs 5.51 crore and needs around Rs 2.5 crore to become a hit over the distributor’s stake.

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did very well at the US box office, making over $300,000 in three days. With a good reputation among moviegoers, the film’s business is expected to continue growing over the next week. Her Cr shares of Rs 50-70 are estimated to be collected at the box office on Sunday.

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