Hirakud Dam Opens 34 Sluice Gates, Flood Water Enters Several Low-Lying Areas In Sambalpur

Sambalpur: Hirakud Dam authorities opened 34 locks on Sunday to release excess flood water from the reservoir.

It was reported that the inflow to the Hirakud Dam was 4,39,291 cusec and the outflow was 5,63,806 cusec.

More than 50% of the 64 locks of the Hirakud Dam have opened to drain floodwaters.

People living in the lowlands are warned not to jump into the river. Heavy rains hit the entire state of Orissa, causing severe flooding.

Various areas of the state were flooded. Acres of farmland were flooded across Orissa. Hirakud Dam opens 34 locks, allowing floodwaters to flow into some lowlands of Sambalpur

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