Pandya Store 28 December 2022 Written Update

The Episode starts with Shweta coming in the lane, dancing to the song Aapka Kya Hoga… She distributes pamphlets. She announces the sale of Pandya Store. Rishita argues with Dhara. Dhara says you want me to beg everyone, I didn’t do it intentionally, I am sorry, everyone makes mistakes, you also made mistakes, your boss cheated you and we had to mortgage the house, I scolded you. No, I knew you didn’t do it intentionally, we all tried to find a solution.

They all hear Shweta’s announcement. They come out and are shocked to see the poster on the wall. They get angry. Shiva remembers everything and gets sad. The housemates get sad seeing Shweta’s drama. Rishita says Shweta will sell our store and run until we find a solution. Raavi comes to Shiv. He says it is not Dhara’s fault, it is Shweta’s fault, but Dhara was blamed. Raavi says I have a way, Dhara can take Chiku’s money and get our shop back. Shweta says whoever has 50 lakhs can come and buy the store. Dev gets angry. She runs and says don’t touch. Dev warns everyone against buying the Pandya store. He says our Pandya store is not on sale. People taunted the Pandyas.

Krish shouts at Jeetu. Jeetu runs. Krish sees the poster on the wall. Everyone removes it. Shweta leaves from there making the same announcement. Shiva says Dhara will not agree to this. Raavi asks how she loves you a lot, if you convince her, she will agree. He says I can’t do this, I will not say anything that will disturb her. She reminds his promise and asks him to think. People talk about the Pandya Store sale. Gautam says I don’t understand about funds. Dhara says we have only 2.5 lakhs, we spent the savings on Krish’s wedding. Rishita says don’t feel bad Krish, Dhara means if money was not spent in your marriage then we would not have to face this day. Shweta and Jeetu open the store. Gautam asks Krish and Rishita not to argue. Dhara says we have to pay 1.5 lakh in Chutki’s mutual fund, Dev has prepared the papers, the other 1 lakh is for Suman, Raavi and Rishita’s medical insurance. Krish says we can get the insurance done later. Rishita argues and says I want medical insurance today itself. Suman says you make the insurance payment first. Dhara says yes, we will, I have some jewellery, we will sell it and get more than 5 lakhs. Dev says no, we will not sell your jewelery for money, we will find some other solution. Krish says no, you keep it. Gautam says we have to start from somewhere, I don’t care if Dhara has just a black thread around her neck, we have to get Pandya’s shop back. Shweta says until they arrange the money, I will sell the stop and go. She pastes the poster on her back.

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