(Balh 2) Bade Achhe Lagte Hain New Episode Written Update,15 August

The episode begins with Krish having a drink and saying a lot has changed in five years.Boys drink. Krish asks what it is. Vikrant says Adi is special. Ram asks if you are drunk. Krish says no. you take another glass.

Addie says Krish has this. Shubham comes over and she says we are going to have a good time. I’m sure Sara who knows everything here will enjoy it there. Krish asks who can tell. Ram and Krish sit down and have a drink. Ram said you know about the party, you’re always there. Krish says I’m with Priya and Pihu.

Brinda is my wife and Sarah is my fiancée. Ram laughs. he says you’re a detective
Krish said yes, I can clearly see you trying to steal foo from me. Ram says no one felt Piff approaching me. Addie says my plan works. Shubham asks if he was watching the party. Addie receives a message.

He says it will be fun from now on. he blows his horn Ram and Krish drink and bond. Krish says Pihu doesn’t like you but… Ram says Priya didn’t like me at first. Krish says no, you lose and you win, Pihu is your daughter. Addie honks his horn. Ram asks what you said to Krish. Adi presents the video. Ram says it means my suit was stolen, she was wearing it, the detectives found it.Krish says I will find it
Vikrant says that Ram and Krish have become friends. you go.

They come to the Sood House. Enter from the balcony. We see a woman dressed like her dancing in Battameez Dil, and Priya is wearing her Ram suit. She asks me to tell you who turned off the music or I’ll fire you. Ram looks at her. She acts like a ram. All women remain their own character. Just kidding. Priya dances with them. Shubham and Addy stop Ram from going inside. Ram runs inside. he looks at Priya.

Bade ache…play…he’s dancing with her Brinda
Come with Addie and everyone. Ram says this is my suit. Priya said ‘Excuse me, I’ll dry clean and come back.’ Sarah mentions Ram Vrinda as the clothes Adi wore.I wore Vikran’s clothes because he’s her husband. Ram says he should ask Priya. he goes Vikrant asks Sara to talk to his goblin, Priya. Sarah says no. What does Brinda ask? they lie. Vikrant goes.

Brinda says goodbye to Priya and Pihu. Pi gets angry. Priya comes and tries to cheer her up. Ram thinks I’m way more stylish than Krish so let’s ask Priya because she wore mine. Piff says you made fun of me
Priya asks when is it? Pihu says she had to act like Ram, why did she act like me?

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Priya asks when I acted like you. Pihu said I was on medication and asked for filtered water. Priya says I acted like Ram. Brinda hears her voice and leaves. Adi asks if you said goodbye to them. She says yes Addie asks her to come. Aries is coming. Brinda says Piff was sleeping. Aries go. She thinks Brinda thinks Ram and Fu are the same… Priya said it’s funny you said you were making fun of Ram You feel bad when I make fun of you She’s not fair do not have
Pihu says he likes you.

Priya says no, I’m not lying. Pihu says I do all these things and he imitates me. Priya said well, I showed you what I look like when he copies you.Sara will come. Piff wants something. Sarah asks if he should tell Ram that Pihu is his daughter. She asks Vikrant what he thinks. he is worried Priya says she has decided not to tell Ram.Sara calmly says that Ram and Pihu like each other and don’t fight. What does Priya ask? Did Vikrant tell you? Vikrant swears I don’t know. Brinda say I just asked you
He says I’m drunk, I’m off. I remember the words of Ram and Pihu. Priya says she will never talk about it again.Sara often asks why.

Priya is crying Brinda watches Ram and Pihu’s video. Her favorite songs are the same. She asks Addie to sleep. She remembers Priya’s words. She said something was wrong, but it is possible that she lied to us about this, but why? Ishaan replies to the blackmailer and asks him not to harm Priya. He receives a message from the blackmailer. He thanks Krish for coming. Krish says that your plan will get you to the blackmailer. Ishaan said so, we will fight, don’t be afraid

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