Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th September 2022 Written Episode Update

The episode begins with Krish asking Vedika where she is going. I know why you came here She said ask priya where her feelings went She says don’t be upset about what I’ve done and that there’s nothing to say about Piff. he goes She thinks our plan is going well. Ram comes to Pihu.

He says he doesn’t know how I should tell Piff. He says Priya is asleep. She thinks I don’t know if you are acting or Nandini brainwashed you. He asks how we should tell her. She asks if I should wake her up. He says no, leave it alone, she’s sleeping, I’ll tell her tomorrow. he asks about her wound

He asks her to take care and leave. Pihu wakes up and she asks if she is sure I slept. I feel sorry for Priya. Piff asks if he will find us. Priya says yes. Pihu asks if he doesn’t want to meet us. Priya asks her to get ready.

Ram thinks he has to wait until tomorrow. Shubham asks if she should call her mom. Ram says no, hey, he’s sleeping, where are you going? Shubham says he’s going to the airport to meet a client. If you have time, please come by yourself. i learn something Ram says well done, you take your job seriously.

Shubham really wants to go. He thinks my plan will work now. Ram hugs him
He says I will change. Priya and Pihu come down the stairs. She called Krish and said she would be at the airport in 30 minutes. Ram comes down. He wonders why I feel like someone was there. Shubham is coming. He tells me to wait two minutes for the goblins to call me. Priya sees Ram and asks Pihu to hide.

Nandini and Vedika say Shubham will call us with good news. Shubham believes Ram will see Priya fleeing with Pihu. Ram asks him to come. Shubham is looking for Priya. Vedika calls him and says he is going home. Ram answers the phone and says we are coming.

He wonders why Vedika sounded so worried Nandini thinks how is Vedika, how did Priya get back to her room, she wanted to leave. Priya thinks I did the right thing by not going.I would have been wrong to go without letting Ram know.He will always love me dearly.Fee is his daughter.I am here She tells Krish that her plans have been canceled and she is not going anywhere. Pihu asks if he changes his mind. Priya says she can’t see Ram whenever we come back. She can’t leave without meeting Ram. Pihu says I love lamb. Priya remembers everything.

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She thinks I did something wrong. Vedika says Ram and Shubham will be back, but what can she say to Ram? Nandini says our plan has failed. Ram and Shubham arrive. Ram asks Vedika what’s the matter. Shubham wonders why they look worried. Ram asks Nandini about her medicine but he gave her her medicine. Priya comes and says she will teach

She said Vedika and I had a fight. Perhaps she called to complain to you. Will Ram ask a custody attorney? He asks Vedika what’s going on if you go there. Priya said she had no answer and she asked me to ask you.I didn’t know why you were doing this.Sent Vedika to apply for sole custody of Pihu.Ram said I ask what you mean, but of course you don’t.

That’s bullshit. He asks Vedika, did I tell you, answer me. Vedika says Priya is blaming me When I received this card I was suspicious of the card I was on the lookout for it She sent Krish to a lawyer She blamed me Krish has spoken to a lawyer in her name about sole custody Priya asks if she has this card. Vedika says no. Priya calls Sandy there. She asks Sandy to tell Ram about the map. Sandy says Shubham has this card on file. He said you asked for this card. Ram asks him if it’s true. Shubham says yes, Vedika said she spoke to you, she is lying. Priya told her Vedika how you got this card and that Krish consulted a lawyer. Krish and Lawyer Arrive

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