How To Install Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS

Here is information about Apex Legends mobile phone introduced for android and ios. Read the full article for detailed information about system requirements, and how to install and update.

Apex Legends – a popular PC-based shooting game – is now available for play in the brand new avatar on Android and iOS smartphones. Apex Legends Mobile has been testing its beta version for several months. From today, players will be able to play the game on their mobile phones. Those who pre-sign up for Apex Legends Mobile on Android and iOS will also receive special in-game prizes. These include Bloodhound banner, Bloodhound banner, Founder badge, R99 Epic skin and more.

Apex Legends System Requirements

On Android, players can simply go to the Google Play Store and search Apex Legends Mobile for the game. Note that there is only one official game offered by EA (Electronic Arts), so beware of any lies.

Apex Legends Mobile only supports phones with at least 2GB of RAM, 4GB of storage and a chipset equal to or higher than the Snapdragon 435 / Hisilicon Kirin 650 / Mediatek Helio P20 / Exynos 7420.

Similarly, on iOS, you can find Apex Legends Mobile in the App Store. The game will be available for phones running iOS 11 and higher with Apple A9 chipset and above.

Apex Legends Mobile: What’s New?

The game features a new special mobile tale called Fade, with different abilities like the other characters in the game. Slipstream’s new idle capability gives Fade high speed at the end of the slide, while the smart Flashback capability allows it to send calls in the first place. Fade’s last ability is the Phase Chamber, which allows the character to throw an exploding spine that makes everyone caught in the area unable to face or feel temporary damage. Note that Fade unlocks in Tier 25.

The game also has a new dive map in Arena mode, with new weapons like heatshield, 30-30 marksman rifle and 4x-10x thermal imaging optic scope. Other features such as team fulfillment (automatically completing a new player in the game in Teammatch team mode) are also available.

Apex Legends will follow the sequence of its war season, such as Battlegrounds Mobile India and Call of Duty: Mobile has an in-game battle to reward players who complete a daily campaign with additional items like skins and icons.

How To Install Apex Legends Mobile

You can install Apex Legends Mobile as you download any other game on your phone. If you have an Android phone, all you have to do is go to the playlist in Google Play and click Install. IPhone users can head to the App Store, find a game list, and just click Find.

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All you have to do is make sure the game you download is developed by Electronic Arts. Avoid false translations.

Apex Legends Mobile: Download size

At launch, the download size of Apex Legends Mobile is 2.70GB. Considering the high-quality graphics and other features of the game, the large download size is not surprising.

About Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile – available for iOS and Android – was finally released on Tuesday after months of rumors, leaks, and soft launch. The popular EA free warroyale game was first introduced on PC, PS4, and Xbox One back in 2019, so it took three years for the mobile port to arrive. Meanwhile, Fortnite favorites, PUBG / BGMI, and Call of Duty: Mobile made their place. In addition, Apex Legends is a complex game with many controls, combinations, and chaos. The natural way to play the game is on the keyboard and mouse, or game controller. Moving those controls to a six- or seven-inch retail device seems like a daunting task. So, has the EA released it?

While EA introduced the soft version of Apex Legends Mobile many times, it sounded incomplete. There were empty sections that needed to be completed before a full version could be presented. Respawn – best known for its Titanfall atmosphere Apex Legends is also a part of it – has finally come up with a global variation of the game. After reviewing it for over a week, here is my full review. (I spent my time with Apex Legends Mobile on iPhone 12 via Wi-Fi connection.)

The Apex Legends Mobile app on iOS has a download size of 5.02GB, shipped to include all game content including additional themes and maps. Surprisingly, I had to download Kings Canyon – the first map to be presented in the game when it was launched a few years ago – separately. World’s Edge, along with a few maps of Team Deathmatch (TDM) and Arenas, are included in the previous order.

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