2022 Crossfit Games Event 10 “Sandbag Ladder” Leaderboard Results

2022 Crossfit Games: With only one event remaining in the fourth day of competition, the top of the rankings in both individual divisions is the closest it has been in years. Defending champion Tia-Clair Toomey was in familiar territory for first overall, but it wasn’t a very comfortable margin – 50 points separated her from Mal O’Brien, although it looked like a two-person race for the Fittest Women title. on Earth®.

Reigning Fittest Man on Earth® Justin Medeiros went to work in Event 8 and Event 9 to undo the huge lead Ricky Garrard had built up over the first two days. Garardo’s relatively poor showing in the previous three events opened the door for Medeiros to enter Event 10 with an overall lead of 11 points. It was still a win for both men, but the momentum was with Medeiros.

Event 10 saw the CrossFit Games in full swing. Heavy sandbags, knockout style, to determine who advances to the final day of competition. Dani Speegle left no doubt from the first round that she would dominate this event, and she did.

Event 10 — “Sandbag Ladder” Results

Here are the full results:

Individual Women’s Results

  1. Dani Speegle
  2. Jacqueline Dahlstrøm
  3. Laura Horvath
  4. Amanda Barnhart
  5. Sydney Michalyshen
  6. Brooke Wells
  7. Ellie Turner
  8. Karin Freyová
  9. Tia-Clair Toomey
  10. Paige Semenza

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